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Pipe Sleeves, Pipe End Covers, Relief  Covers, Safety Covers, Actuator Covers, Valve Covers, Welding Blankets, Insulation Blankets

Drake Specialties is the go-to company for specialty, hard-to-find, common-sense products, and takes great pride in protecting personnel, equipment, and the environment. Focusing on diverse applications of safety and protection, we lead the industry in providing problem-solving solutions by designing and manufacturing specialty and custom products for unusual sizes and applications.

specialty coversSpecialty Shields and Covers manufactured by Drake Specialties are various forms of shields, flange guards, pipe sleeves, safety covers, curtains, and blankets fabricated from durable, industrial-grade fabrics with chemical resistant, weatherproof, UV, fireproof, high temperature, insulating, solid color, or see-thru properties.

Standard features and options include draw cord, Velcro, grommets, rings, cord locks, windows and holes of any size.

Pipe End Covers and Pipe Night Caps

Pipe End Covers and Pipe Night Caps are constructed of durable, chemical resistant, UV, weatherproof materials to enclose open pipes and guard against water, animals, dirt, mud, and other debris. Whether, you call it a Pipe Cap, Weather Cap, or Exhaust Pipe Cover, installing Drake Specialties’ weatherproof covers will help reduce the costs of replacing or rebuilding safety relief valves by extending service life. Pipe End Covers are weatherproof “socks” designed to slide over ends of pipe vents and exhaust pipe outlets on safety relief valves and rupture discs.

Safety relief valves and rupture discs are pressure relieving devices critical to plant and pipeline safety. Pipe vent stacks left uncovered and open can accumulate rust, dirt, insects, and debris causing valves to malfunction or fail, thus requiring expensive rebuilding or replacing.

A second style and “specialty” use of pipe covers are for closing off pipe ends of pipelines overnight. These Pipe Night Caps are well-known and utilized by pipe liners and foreman to guard against water, mud, animals, debris, and children. Pipe Night Caps by Drake Specialties are economical and flexible, thus can be easily compacted and stored inside of truck boxes, requiring minimal space. Installation of Drake Pipe Night Caps is considerably quicker and simpler in comparison to heavy, cumbersome, metal type night cap plugs. A draw cord for securing it in place is a standard feature, and tie-down or cinch straps are optional.

I&E / Actuator Covers

Instrumentation and Electrical covers, or I & E covers, are removable instrument enclosures specifically designed to cover and encase instrumentation, electronics, actuators, controls, and expensive equipment, protecting them from chemicals, saltwater, dust, and the elements. These flexible and economical instrument enclosures are fabricated from durable, industrial-grade PVC, polyethylene, and PTFE coated fabrics.

Incorporating removable instrument enclosures – I & E Covers – by Drake Specialties, greatly improves equipment service life, thus reducing maintenance, down time, and costly repairs or replacement.

Insulating Covers/ Blankets

Insulating Covers, Safety Covers and Blankets are various forms of removable insulation blankets, thermal covers, and jackets designed to fit over hot processes and piping to protect workers from burns, prevent freezing, prevent heat loss, and control excessive temperature swings. Our insulation blankets contain 1″ thick insulation. Our thermal insulating covers can be installed on check valves as Backflow Covers, as well as flanges, piping, hoses, tanks, and steam traps.

Hose and Pipe Spray Shields

Hose and Pipe Spray Shields are hose covers and pipe covers designed to temporarily contain and detect leaks on various types of pipe, hose, and tubing. These Pipe Spray Protectors  or Pipe Sleeves are available in wraparound style for existing pipe, and “slip-on” tube style for hose or tubing with detachable end connections.

Hose & Pipe Spray Shields are available in the same quality materials as our PTFE Flange Shields, along with PVC and other fabrics shown in our Flange Spray Shields line.

Specialty Shields & Covers

Our Specialty Shields and Covers include:

  • Flanges
  • Pipe
  • Valves
  • Fittings
  • Hose
  • Tubing
  • Couplings
  • Sight Glasses
  • Manholes
  • Flow Indicators
  • Actuators
  • Electronics
  • Instrumentation
  • Pumps
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Tarps
  • Blankets
  • Curtains
Curtains/Safety Curtains

Curtains and Safety Curtains are designed to protect workers and equipment from hazards such as chemical sprays and extreme heat. Chemical Safety Curtains are fabricated from industrial grade PTFE coated and PVC materials that we use in our wide-ranging line of safety spray shields, specialty spray shields, and pipe and flange protection products. Safety Curtains are available in “all clear”, or with clear “see-thru” windows for visual inspection of equipment, pumps, or process piping. Safety Curtains for high heat or fire protection are available in solid, fiberglass fabrics coated with silicone or heat-shielded aluminized facing.

Kamlok Kovers

Kamlok Kovers another “specialty” fitting spray shield is Kamlok Covers which are designed to slip over quick connect and camlock (cam-lock) connection fittings on transfer lines. Kamlok Kovers, commonly called camlock spray shields, are removable, slide-on sleeves that can be easily compacted and stored.  Constructed of chemical resistant, PTFE coated fabric, these leak and drip containing covers feature a draw cord and cord locks on each end for quick attachment and removal, and are available in 12″, 18″, and 24″ lengths for all size couplings.

Welding Blankets

Welding Blankets or Safety Covers are custom sized and fabricated from tough, silicone coated and aluminized fiberglass fabrics. Customized Tarps in various fabrics and sizes are available in the same broad range of materials and designs Drake Specialties is renowned for.