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Marine Safety is paramount!  Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations require adherence to hundreds of codes and specifications.  Drake Specialties manufactures a wide variety of items for Marine Safety to protect your personnel, your equipment, and the environment.

Whether you need protection for flanges, valves, gaskets, or piping systems components, Drake Specialties products can be found on vessels worldwide. 

marine roll Everything from maritime, ship building and repair, or offshore oil and gas production, we’ve got you covered with products ranging from cloth to stainless steel and SOLAS tape. In addition, properly protected equipment can extend service life, reduce costs, and increase safety.

Drake Specialties manufactures a complete line of marine safety products used and recommended by HSE professionals.

With attention to detail in design and manufacturing to address your health, safety, and environmental concerns, our products are designed for reliable protection of personnel, equipment, and the environment.

Leaks or sprays of pressurized fluids such as hydraulic fluid, lube oil, or fuel oils, can create fire and explosion hazards in engine rooms. Sprays of hazardous chemical or fluids can harm workers and our precious water resources.

Key examples of marine applications are:

Key examples of marine applications are:

  • The Navy 
  • Coast Guard
  • Other Military crafts
  •  Offshore work and supply vessels
  • Commercial vessels
  • Passenger ships, cruise ships, yachts and barges.

Many regulatory agencies such as EPA, ABS, Solas, and CFR have standards that require one or more of Drake Specialties’ marine safety products.

Marine Roll Shields

Marine Roll Shields are used whenever a “Cut to Length” type of shielding is necessary. Sometimes called Navy Roll Shields, these Safety Spray Shields, Safety Covers, Spray Guards on 20′ to 30′ long rolls are attached using stainless wire.

Used extensively by the Navy, Coast Guard, and other military craft around the world. Various widths are available.

SOLAS Spray Tape

SOLAS Spray tape is designed to wrap around tubing, hoses, piping, fittings, flanges, and valves in marine and offshore applications. It acts as a spray shield and helps prevent fires by containing sprays and leaks of flammables and hot fluids onto personnel and equipment.