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Flange Isolation Gasket Kits are designed to maintain the integrity and reliability of the pipeline and piping system through safety and corrosion protection.

Flange Isolation Gasket Kits provide an effective seal and electrical isolation of flanges. By eliminating metal to metal contact, static current is halted to prevent corrosion and aid in the cathodic protection of the pipe.

isolation flange

Constructed of high quality materials that have a high dielectric constant and low water absorption, our Flange Isolation Gasket Kits are available for all size flanges, ranging from 1/2″ to 144″ in all ANSI and API classes.

In addition, utilizing Flange Band Protectors in conjunction with flange insulation kits further enhances reliability and reduces risk. Drake flange protectors seal the flange internals to prevent foreign objects or debris from lodging between the flanges, forming a bridge, creating a short, and compromising the entire cathodic protection system.

Ordering the correct Flange Isolation Gasket Kit requires knowing the specifications and type of service for your particular application.
Some commonly requested specifications of our isolation gasket, sleeve, and washer materials are listed below: 
  • Flange size and pressure rating
  • Fluid Service & Temperature
  • Nominal Pipe Size
  • Gasket type D, E, F, O / Face type (such as raised face, full face, etc.)
  • Gasket material
  • Sealing element (if required)
  • Single or double washer set
  • Backup washer material
  • Sleeve material

*Consult factory for special applications

Packaging: Each package is labeled with flange size and pressure rating, type of materials and if double or single washer set.The washers are separate from the actual gasket in order to prevent damage to the gasket itself. Individually packaged kits in pizza style boxes are available upon request only. 

Gasket Kit Types