ISO Certified

Drake Specialties, LLC is happy to announce that our quality management system is now certified with ABS Quality Evaluations, and is found to be in conformance with the requirements set forth by ISO 9001.2015, and is applicable in the Design, Manufacturing and Distribution of our Specialty Piping Products.  

This certification was achieved on January 2, 2019 with one purpose in mind…to assure that our customers continue to receive the quality products that they expect, at competitive prices, and in the timeframe expected, from our company.   The manufacturing of our products, whether it be our fabric safety spray shields, metal safety spray shields, flange band protectors, or any other of our products, meet the stringent requirements of the ISO 9001.2015 program.  Drake Specialties is committed to continuing to enhance our products, processes and services that we provide to remain, or become, your “manufacturer of choice” for all of your safety spray shield or specialty piping product needs.

Drake Specialties, LLC manufactures high-quality Fabric Safety Spray Shields, Metal Safety Spray Shields, Safety Covers, Flange Guards,Flange Band Protectors, Pipe sleeves and other custom and specialty safety products and covers.  Our product offerings also include Isolation Gasket Kits, Nut Caps, Inhibitor Grease and other products that offer cathodic protection.   We proudly serve the chemical, oil & gas, marine, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, electric generation industries and government agencies.  Drake Specialties, LLC products are “Made in the USA” and distributed worldwide.